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Media Alert: December 2016


Alert id -3780, Alert-Chikungunya virus affecting digestive tract, say doctors at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Alert id -3781, Alert-Rabies death toll reaches 20 this year in Pune, Maharashtra

Alert id -3782, Alert-Ten more die of malaria in Delhi, toll reaches 16

Alert id -3783, Alert-Dengue claims 23 lives within last six month in district Khammam, Andhra Pradesh

Alert id -3784, Alert-349 students fell ill due to food poisoning in district Latur, Maharashtra

Alert id -3785, Alert-Brucellosis spreads, 22 heads of cattle, 5 humans affected in district Bagalkot, Karnataka

Alert id -3786, Alert-Madhya Pradesh health department alerts people against scrub typhus

Alert id -3787, Alert-Five children fell ill after eating mid-day meals in district Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Alert id -3788, Alert-50 malaria cases reported in district East Singhbhum, Jharkhand

Alert id -3789, Alert-30 children fell ill after consuming food in district Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

Alert id -3790, Alert-Fourth kid of family dies, ingestion of poisonous plant suspected in district Visakhapatanam, Andhra Pradesh

Alert id -3791, Alert-After JE in Malkangiri, Brucellosis triggers panic in Koraput district, Odisha

Alert id -3792, Alert-Around 35 school kids fall ill after consuming Jatropha plant seeds in district Korba,  Chhattisgarh

Alert id -3794, Alert-3 deaths and 2 other fell ill due to suspected food poisoning in district Hojai, Assam

Alert id -3795, Alert-Mystery disease playing havoc with tribals’ lives in district Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh

Alert id -3796, Alert-Swine flu scare returns to Delhi as 3 test positive at AIIMS

Alert id -3797, Alert-303 suspected cases, 3 deaths Is a new restaurant behind Hepatitis A outbreak in Kerala village

Alert id -3798, Alert-Oral polio, pentavalent vaccine alert in state

Alert id -3800, Alert-Acute diarrhoeal disease outbreak_ 150 fall sick in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Alert id -3801, Alert-At least 15 persons, including five children affected by jaundice in district Bolangir, Odisha

Alert id -3802, Alert-Another student diagnosed with Japanese encephalitis in Pune, Maharashtra

Alert id -3803, Alert-Dead lizard in midday meal 60 students fall sick in district Erode, Tamil Nadu

Alert id -3804, Alert-42 students fell ill after eating food at Gurukul School in district Komaram Bheem, Telangana

Alert id -3805, Alert-Anthrax kills wild elephant in Madukkarai forest range in district Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Alert id -3806, Alert-Boy dies of Japanese encephalitis in district Solapur, Maharashtra

Alert id -3807, Alert-Bird flu outbreak again in district Khurda, Odisha

Alert id -3808, Alert-More than hundred students of AMU's Malappuram-Kerala  centre taken ill because of suspected food poisoning

Alert id -3809, Alert-Nine new cases of dengue, 24 of chikungunya reported in the week ending December 24 in Delhi

Alert id -3810, Alert-Two deaths due to dengue in Pune, Maharashtra

Alert id -3811, Alert-Malaria cases reported in many villages of East  Singhbhum district, Jharkhand

Alert id -3812, Alert-Seven suspected cases of monkey fever reported in district Shimoga, Karnataka

Alert id -3813, Alert-Brucellosis found in humans in district Bagalkot,  Karnataka

Alert id -3814, Alert-Japanese encephalitis cases rise in Tamil Nadu

Alert id -3815, Alert-Waterborne diseases claim 30 lives_ affect over 6,000 in 20016 in Maharashtra