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Media Alert: Jan 2016


Alert id -3242, Alert-Impure water led to Shimla jaundice outbreak MC Shimla

Alert id -3243, Alert-Experts warn of rise in H1N1 cases as first swine flu death is reported this year in Pune, Maharashtra

Alert id -3244, Alert-Second H1N1 death in one week in district Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Alert id -3245, Alert-28-year-old dies of swine flu in district Medak, Telangana

Alert id -3246, Alert-More than 500 jaundice cases in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Alert id -3247, Alert-Swine flu kills 19-yr-old Padra girl in district Vadodara, Gujarat

Alert id -3248, Alert-Anthrax fear as 10 cattle die in district Villupuram, Tamil Nadu

Alert id -3249, Alert-17 swine flu cases reported within 5 days in Rajasthan

Alert id -3250, Alert-Dengue fear spreads in Coimbatore after one-year-old girl_s death

Alert id -3251, Alert-Suspected swine flu case comes in Bathinda civil hospital ,Punjab

Alert id -3252, Alert-45 Students fell ill after consuming Mid-Day Meal in district Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

Alert id -3253, Alert-Outbreak of chicken pox feared in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Alert id -3254, Alert-A three-member health team from NCDC, New Delhi collects samples from Ashwani Khud _Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Alert id -3255, Alert-Year's first swine flu case reported in Ludhiana, Punjab

Alert id -3256, Alert-40 ill after eating canteen food in district Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

Alert id -3257, Alert-Monkey fever grips Goa taluka_ locals anti-vaccine, House told

Alert id -3258, Alert-Rajasthan records first swine flu deaths this year as 5 die

Alert id -3259, Alert-Bird flu outbreak in Tripura village

Alert id -3260, Alert-Woman dies of monkey fever in Goa, first in state this year

Alert id -3261, Alert-21-day-old infant died after being administered polio drop in district Kendrapada, Odisha

Alert id -3262, Alert-23 fell ill due to due to food poisoning in district Vadodara,Gujarat

Alert id -3263, Alert-Thirty-one patients at MJN Hospital's Maternity Ward fell ill after being administered injections in district Cooch Behar, West Bengal

Alert id -3264, Alert-Seven Rajkot Municipal Corporation employees down with jaundice in district Rajkot, Gujarat

Alert id -3266, Alert-70 students fall ill in district Chikballapur, Karnatak

Alert id -3268, Alert-22 suspected swine flu cases reported in district Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir

Alert id -3269, Alert-One death due to swine flu in district Ludhiana, Punajb