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Media Alert: December 2017


Alert id -4426, Alert-150 people fell ill due to food poisoning in district Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Alert id -4427, Alert-Viral fever grips Kolkata city after dengue

Alert id -4428, Alert-Cases of full-blown filariasis increase across Maharashtra

Alert id -4429, Alert-Teenager’s death due to diphtheria in district Kozhikode, Kerala

Alert id -4430, Alert-Another case of JE detected in Rajasthan

Alert id -4431, Alert-2 die, 17 fall ill after consuming water from open well in district Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

Alert id -4432, Alert-2 of a family die of food poisoning in district Ganjam, Odisha

Alert id -4433, Alert-Chickenpox cases detected rural parts of Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Alert id -4434, Alert-Alert issued against chicken pox in district Thrissur, Kerala

Alert id -4435, Alert-Diphtheria bares deadly fangs again, claims 12 lives in Karnataka

Alert id -4436, Alert-14 children fell ill due to chicken pox in district Giridih, Jharkhand

Alert id -4437, Alert-Swine flu claims 5 lives in 4 days in Jodhpur, Rajasthan 

Alert id -4438, Alert-13 students afflicted with chickenpox in Chandigarh

Alert id -4439, Alert-4 dengue cases reported in district Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Alert id -4440, Alert-35 kids fell ill eating khichdi served at school under the mid-day meal scheme in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Alert id -4442, Alert-Girl dies, 20 others fall sick due to food poisoning in district Khagaria, Bihar

Alert id -4444, Alert-120 persons including 50 children and women fell ill afterconsuming stale food at a marriage feast in district Kendrapara,Odisha

Alert id -4445, Alert-In Agra-Uttar Pradesh, 97 new TB patients found in 15 days

Alert id -4446, Alert-2,000 new TB cases found in Karnataka 

Alert id -4447, Alert-Chikungunya cases on the rise in Karnataka

Alert id -4448, Alert-25 hospitalised after chlorine gas leak from waterworks in Panchkula district, Haryana

Alert id -4449, Alert-11 students fell ill after consuming sprouts in district Khurda, Odisha

Alert id -4450, Alert-Three trainee Rajasthan Administrative Service officers test positive for swine flu

Alert id -4451, Alert-8 pelicans dead in two weeks in Mysuru, Mandya district of Karnataka

Alert id -4452, Alert-Jaundice Health department issues alert in Ernakulam  district, Kerala

Alert id -4453, Alert-Hand, foot and mouth disease returns to torment children in district Pune, Maharashtra

Alert id -4454, Alert-Nine children fell ill after eating mid-day meal in district Pancmahal, Gujarat

Alert id -4455, Alert-34 people down with food poisoning after eating distributed sweets in Thane district, Maharashtra 

Alert id -4456, Alert-Tirthahalli taluk- Shimoga district  under the grip of monkey fever again

Alert id -4457, Alert-Alarm bells after west Delhi horses diagnosed with Glanders disease in Delhi

Alert id -4458, Alert-Roadside eateries under scanner after 36 get typhoid in 2 months in Pune, Maharashtra

Alert id -4459, Alert-Five suspected anthrax cases have been admitted to King George Hospital (KGH) in district Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Alert id -4460, Alert-Viral fever grips Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh

Alert id -4461, Alert-18 fresh dengue cases in Delhi

Alert id -4462, Alert-Widespread of Culex Mosquitoes causing 3 deaths and half dozen cases positive Central Team on house to house search 

Alert id -4463, Alert-One person dies, 5 fall ill after consuming wild potatoes in district Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Alert id -4464, Alert-Diphtheria cases in Telangana state see age shift

Alert id -4465, Alert-6 children fell ill due to Cholera in district Gurdaspur, Punjab